Karen Heriot was born and raised in the suburbs west of Chicago, was an exchange student for a year in Brazil, graduated from Wheaton College, and served in the US Army in Germany for three years. While raising a family she taught in Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida. She arrived in Seminole County in 2000 and has taught in Seminole County Public Schools for 17 years.

Karen has taught students about ecosystems and human – environment interaction, and she has witnessed a broad spectrum of environmental practices ranging from exemplary to dreadful. She became involved in politics first as an advocate for students and public education where her first efforts resulted in legislation that allows students to use their SAT and ACT test scores in leu of state test scores to graduate from high school. She continued her political involvement by helping candidates run for local offices and advocating for public schools in general and SCPS specifically.  Karen feels that the most important issue effecting Seminole County will be another large influx of residents. The issues that will be decided in the next five years will determine the future character and quality of life our residents will have for decades to come. Karen is running for the Seminole County Soil and Water Board because she believes that Seminole County can and should live up to its motto, “Florida’s Natural Choice”.


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