Preserve Seminole County as Florida’s Natural Choice Through Education and Advocacy

Karen will use this advisory office to educate the public headshotand advocate for:

  • Water Conservation and Cost Savings
  • Cleaner Water in Lakes and Streams
  • Safety of Well Water
  • Use of turf with a lower environmental impact
  • Preservation of our Indigenous Wildlife

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Mud Walk

Public Service Announcement Contest

Let’s have a contest every year for students to produce a Public Service Announcement. Local media outlets can air the best thereby informing the public.

Working to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Turf

Let’s work with Home Owners Associations to promote the use of turf that will need the least water and fertilizer – better for the environment, less expensive for homeowners.

Use data to determine the areas with the greatest fertilizer discharge into the waterways, then work with nearby neighborhoods to decrease fertilizer run off.

Committed to preservation and conservation now, for future generations.

“I will work with the Board of County Commissioners, St. Johns River Water Management District, and the Army Corps of Engineers to ensure that all sensitive lands are protected, and our natural systems remain for flood protection and water quality.”

“Its’ refreshing to speak on the behalf of someone who actually cares about the environment. Karen Heriot is a well-educated, middle school teacher who knows her subject matter. She understands the improtance of protecting Florida’s water. Karen is the right choice to look after Florida’s future. ”

Kathryn Townsend, Chair of Seminole GOP

“Karen Heriot has taken care of your children for 18 years. She will bring that same passion to conserving our environment and protecting your property.”

Bonita Scase, RPOF Regional Field Director









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